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How to access the Spirit Across Veil Workshop

Part 1: Awaken your Connection 

by Kimberly Busbee, Intuitive Energy Guide & Psychic Spiritual Counselor/Healer 


Learn how to better utilize your multi-faceted intuition and call upon your protective and guiding Team of Light, as well as receive information on techniques to reach out to those Loved Ones and Spirits who have crossed over. Better understand how to interpret and use your clairs, plus learn how to invite deeper connection and higher vibration through developing your own mediumship skills. 


Part 2:  Messages from the Other Side; Small Group Reading

by Kristen Wonderlin, Spirit Medium and Psychic 


Come to a small group reading and receive specific information, comfort and hopeful messages from Loved Ones, Ancestors and other Spiritual Beings of the Light that can bring a feeling of inner peace, as well as getting relatable duplicate or "piggyback" communications which validate that soul energy never dies, just changes form.

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