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I had lost my brother about 10 years ago. Him and I were extremely close and everyday that he's been gone has been difficult and heartbreaking where I find myself alone and I cry. I still grieve to this day. My son wanted to go out for my birthday. He decided to pick the restaurant for me, as our kids do. The restaurant we decided to go to is usually crazy busy on Saturdays. As we walked in we thought we would not get a table. Except that night was different. We were seated at a table with one of my brothers best friends growing up and his wife. I did not realize that it was them until they said my name. After giving him a hug my emotions took over and I had tears in my eyes. As we began talking Kristen said that she was able to talk with my brother. Apparently he had put this whole thing in motion where my son and I and Kristen and her husband for the only four at this table on one of the busiest nights. She told me that my brother wanted this to happen because he wanted to tell me happy birthday. She said that he hears me and he knows when I'm upset. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday then what she had done for me. I can't thank Kristen enough for that message from my brother.

-Tiffany Turck

Kristen is a very accurate and intuitive Psychic Medium Empath. As a Spiritual Energy Guide myself, I highly recommend her!

Even before our session, she tuned in to my concerns about a friend. She sensed my empathic physical sensations and the discomfort that my friend was feeling. Kristen also knew without being told that I had been having temporary difficulties with my phone and office before the reading. 

At our session, she clairvoyantly saw and gave me the name of one of my Spirit Guides who is by my side, a Native American woman who was a long ago relative. I have always felt a special connection to the Native American culture, have studied Shamanism and participate in a healing drumming circle. I now know this is part of my heritage. 

She also connected to my beloved, pie baking grandma who knew I recently had gone to reminisce at her former apartment building where I spent much of my happy childhood. My grandma saw and heard me there and appreciated my visit. 

Kristen later acknowledged a relative named Charles. At first, I didn’t recognize the connection because this was someone I had never met. After she tuned into the lyrics of the song, “Country Roads” and the Virginia area and Blue Ridge Mountains, I realized it was my husband’s grandfather. He was the last person I expected to come through. Kristen said the month of May was important, so I asked my husband afterwards and he revealed that the last time he saw his grandfather was in May many years ago. His grandfather was an overly strict career military man known for being hard-nosed, demanding and judgmental. I feel he came through now because the traumatic family stories are starting to be told and are coming to Light. Now, on the Other Side, Charles is starting to soften and realize some of the lessons connected to his harsh past actions. I believe he wanted my husband (his grandson) to know that. 

I recommend you book a session with Kristen. Her readings are authentic, helpful, healing, comforting and surprising.

-Kimberly Busbee

I got in touch with Kristen one night because I'd noticed our puppy would become aggressive in our daughter's bedroom, but not really anywhere else in our house. Kristen came out to our property that night. She cleared our house and placed protection on our property. Our puppy calmed down in our daughter's room, immediately. Our son had been experiencing nightmares- he described the entity in his nightmares just as Kristen had described it to me in private- neither of them having any knowledge of the other's description. Since then, he's not had anymore nightmares. She also recommended some crystals to place in our house- our home actually feels peaceful now! I'd definitely recommend her to anyone needing a medium!

-Amy Pigott

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